What to Expect

What happens during my first appointment?

Lucy will arrive at your home at the arranged time bringing a treatment couch. Please make sure that there is room for the couch, preferably an area where your privacy can be respected with minimal chance of interruption. It is possible for a friend or relative to be present during the visit.

The first appointment will last around one hour and will consist of a full medical case history of previous and current medical conditions and details of any medication you may be taking. A postural examination will be performed and an explanation of the presenting complaint and why it may have manifested itself will be provided. A treatment plan will then be discussed and treatment will be provided if appropriate and indicated.

What should I wear for the appointment?

A standing postural exam will take place with the patient dressed down to their underwear. This allows a proper examination to determine the potential cause of your pain. Normal underwear is fine but some patients feel more comfortable wearing a pair of shorts.

What happens after the appointment?

Osteopathic treatment consists of many types of techniques from soft tissue, mobilisation and joint manipulation. Treatment options will be discussed and agreed with you before and during the treatment process. Some techniques can be associated with minor discomfort following treatment, depending on how you are already feeling; although the majority of patients experience a reduction in their symptoms and no post-treatment discomfort. Lucy will discuss stretches, exercises, and if necessary any procedures for reducing this discomfort during the appointment. Please feel free to contact Lucy at any time via email or telephone to discuss any queries you may have following your treatment.

It is advised that all patients to try and relax following an appointment and try to refrain from exertion at work or sporting activities while they adjust to the treatment they have received.

When will I get better and how many treatments will it take?

It is impossible to say precisely how long your condition will take to resolve as every person is different. Osteopathic treatment assists in the recovery process and helps provide the optimal environment for the body to heal.

Some injuries require a single treatment to resolve; more chronic long term conditions may take a lot longer. A treatment plan and expected timescales will be discussed during your first appointment. The treatment plan is prescriptive and should be followed as closely as possible to increase the chance of a more speedy recovery. Other therapies will be recommended and referrals made if it is deemed that this will speed up the recovery of the patient.

How much will my treatment cost?

Your initial appointment will cost £50 and can last up to 1 hour. Follow-up appointments cost £45 and can last up to 40 minutes.