Animal Osteopathy

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LW Osteopathy offers Osteopathic treatment for horses and dogs. Lucy is qualified to treat animals having completed a post graduate diploma in Animal Osteopathy. Lucy has been riding and working with horses for the past 20 years.

Just like humans animals can also suffer from back, neck and muscular injuries from trips, falls or advancing age. This can cause pain, stiffness, a reduction in mobility and even behavioural changes, and just as humans benefit from osteopathic treatment animals can too. Commonly the majority of patients seen are horses and dogs however any animal can benefit from treatment.

Animal osteopathy is complementary to veterinary care and has a holistic approach to treatment which works to realign and balance the animal’s musculoskeletal system, restoring health, movement, soundness and performance. Part of treatment may also be to give advise on exercises that the owner can do to continue the work done during a treatment session.

Equine Osteopathy

Equine Osteopathy helps with many conditions. The aim of treatment is to allow the horse to be pain-free, supple, in balance and able to perform to their best. Most horses enjoy being treated and can respond rapidly, and a real difference is often seen straight away. Lucy has been riding and working with horses for the last 20 years and has treated many animals, from race horses to riding ponies.

Equine Osteopathy is commonly used to treat the following conditions:

  • Problems with the back and neck: Soreness, stiffness, sacroiliac lesion, head shaking, poll sensitivity.
  • Problems with posture: Hollowness, on the forehand, above the bit, tilting the head, uneven muscle bulk, holding the tail to one side, friction rubs, uneven hoof wear
  • Change in behaviour when ridden: Broncing, rearing, napping, tension, tail swishing, difficult to walk downhill, becoming one-sided, disunited in canter, difficult transitions, explosive behaviour.
  • Change in general behaviour: Restlessness, nipping, pinning ears back, stable ‘vices’.
  • Poor performance: Unwilling to extend or collect, refusing or knocking down jumps, unable to progress with training Injuries: Falls, kicks, knocks, ligament sprains, muscle strains.

Canine Osteopathy

Dogs can suffer pain and injury, particularly after strenuous exercise, or from accidents, slips and falls. You may notice he is quieter than usual and unwilling to exercise, and is not moving quite right or dislikes a particular part of his body being touched. Lucy has treated many dogs, from racing greyhounds to beloved family pet.

Canine Osteopathy is commonly used to treat the following conditions:

  • Joint stiffness
  • Muscle spasm
  • Short steps
  • Back tenderness
  • Loss of performance
  • Difficulty performing activities: such as jumping into the car or climbing up stairs
  • Injuries from training: e.g. in racing greyhounds or agility dogs.
  • Arthritis
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries

Veterinary Permission

An owner must always consult their veterinary surgeon before seeking osteopathic treatment as it is illegal for anyone to treat an animal without a veterinary surgeon’s approval. Most vets are aware of the benefits of complementary treatment for animals and will readily give their permission for the animal to be treated. Lucy will also notify your vet as a matter of professional courtesy.

20% Discount for New Equine Customers

LW Osteopathy is currently offering a 20% discount for all new customers who book in before 31st July 2015. 20% will be deducted from your first equine treatment. Offer can be claimed once per customer and can be used for up to 3 horses providing they are all treated at the same location on the same day.